Kit Rosewater
writer, teacher, reader


short bio

Kit Rosewater hails from the New Mexican desert, where she grew up catching snakes in her backyard and collecting obsidian rocks from the mesa. She obtained a master's degree in children's literature from Hollins University in 2014, with half her classes in critical analysis and the other half in creative writing. She then taught English classes for three years, theater classes for four, and directed several productions. She's written more than six manuscripts. Her most recent middle grade manuscript is entitled THE DOPPELGANGER. She is represented by Lauren Spieller with Triada US Literary Agency.

longer bio

Kit Rosewater was born in Mesa, Arizona. Her parents moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico before she was one. She grew up living on the west side of town, her house on the edge of urban sprawl--overlooking the National Petrocliff Monument.

When she was a little girl, she had three dreams: 1. Be Steve Irwin, the Crocodile Hunter. 2. Prove to everyone that she was in fact magic. 3. Be a writer.

Every day she caught lizards, horny toads, and snakes, then explained what they liked to do in her best (worst) Austrailian accent before letting them go. She practiced moving objects with her eyes like Matilda, and sending up sparks on her blankets at night. But above all, she dreamed fantastical adventures and wrote them down, folding them into paper books for her mother, who smiled politely at each gift and kept them all safe in a drawer.

In school, Kit studied everything. She loved everything, and realized she wanted to grow up to be everything. Her favorite classes were math, science, English, art, art history, history, language, theatre, and dance. It was difficult to decide what she liked best.

College posed similar challenges. At Wellesley College, Kit studied cinema, Italian, Italian cinema, acting, dancing, directing, scenic design, playwriting, sociology, anthropology, psychology, human biology, sensation & perception, and statistics. She directed and acted in plays for four years in an all-female Shakespearean Society.

By the time she was set to graduate, she realized she had no idea what she was going to do. She couldn't perform magic, and being the Crocodile Hunter didn't seem to be an option anymore. She opened a drawer in her mother's room and wondered if she could still fulfill one of her childhood dreams. 
Kit tucked her paper books away and applied to graduate school in children's literature. She attended Hollins University, where she studied storytelling, literary theory, close reading techniques, research and article writing, and the craft of writing fiction for children.

Kit graduated with her MA and went on to teach English and drama classes for middle school and high school students. She practiced storytelling, close reading, and research with her students. In the evenings, Kit would hide away on her armchair and practice the craft of writing. She wrote stories of adventure and mystery and magic, and stories with friendship and heartache and change. After four years of teaching by day and writing by night, Kit realized at last what she was meant to do.

In August 2016, Kit, her husband, and their dog moved out to Austin, Texas. Now Kit spends most of her days on their porch writing under the sun. She also teaches writing classes, storytelling classes, and classes on literary theory in children's books. She doesn't catch too many snakes anymore, but she's always still looking for ways to prove her magic powers.